Open a Bank Account – Targu Mures

Students are advised to open a bank account to deposit their travelers checks and cash. One can receive and send International wire transfers from their bank account.

We recommend : BCR(Banca Comerciala Romana ) which is the biggest Romanian Bank with branches at the following addresses:

A) Adresa: Bulevardul 1848, Nr. 36, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 307 430 Fax (0265) 307 43
B) Adresa: Strada Gh. Doja, Nr. 193, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 206 060 Fax (0265) 206 061
C) Adresa: Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 180, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 257 014 Fax (0265) 257 014
D) Adresa: Piata Trandafirilor, Nr. 21, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 268 441 Fax (0265) 268 465
E) Adresa: Strada Gheorghe Doja, Nr. 1 – 3, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 267 338 Fax (0265) 269 758

You can choose any bank. Important criteria when selecting a bank (close to home, no charge for card, small commission for international wire transfers etc).

To open your bank account, you require
– your passport
– some cash to deposit
– contact number (mobile)

If you are a citizen of a country that is not part of the European Union, you will have to deposit a minimum amount of 2500 Euros to prove you have sufficient funds when applying for your residence permit. After deposting this money, ask for a bank statement which reflects these funds and keep that statement safe as you will require it later for when applying for your temporary residence permit at foreign affairs.

Other banks
Banc Post S.A
Tg Mures, Bd. 1 Dec. 1918 nr. 93;
tel. 168912

Raiffaisen Bank S.A
Tg Mures, Pta Bolyai 2
tel. 160993

Tg Mures, P-ta Trandafirilor nr. 33 A
Tel. 0265-306.005