Romanian University applications for 2009 closed

To all the successful applicants who applied in 2009, congratulations! It was a challenge this year with many visits to the Romanian Ministry of Education in Bucharest to ensure all applications complied with the requirements.

Although the figures are not yet in, we can safely estimate an acceptance rate to the medical programs of over 95% for our 2009 clients.

There were a far larger number of applicants this year and Romania is clearly becoming an internationally recognized and sought after study abroad location for international medical students. At two of the faculties we work with all seats were taken by August 2009. Due to the larger number of medical school applicants this year, the Ministry of Education and medical universities examined each application file very closely.

From our clients applying for 2009 we noticed no difference in acceptance of EU member country applicants and non-EU member applicants.

Applicants for the next academic year, please register on our website to be notified when we start accepting files for 2010.

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