Transfer Students – How transfers to Romanian Medical Schools work

Romanian Medical Universities accept transfer students from accredited international universities. Romania is part of the ECTS, SOCRATES and ERASMUS systems. The most commonly used system for assessing credits and transfers is the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Application process for Transfer Students

Candidates applying for placement in an advanced year of the academic program, follow the same process as for first year applicants. (Click for required documents for application to medical school in Romania ) Transfers students are accessed individually by a committee at the university who take into account various criteria of the applicant. The committee will match your credits to the program in Romania and then make a list of “difference” subjects/credits that you will have to complete to get on level with the Romanian program. Each outstanding subject credit must be recovered via a difference exam. These exams are taken at the faculty at an agreed upon date. One cannot advance to the next year if one has more than 5 difference exams; or lacks a subject that is a pre-requisite for the proceeding year. *NOTE: Transfer students are assessed only after they arrive in Romania. MSA are unable to tell you in advance what academic year you will be placed in.

What to bring to Romania after being accepted

You will have to bring your official university transcript from the previous university as well as the curriculum of your previous program. Bring whatever work-books and score-books used to assess you at the previous program. Proof of clinical work in whatever form should also be brought with.

Which year will I get into?

When applying for a transfer, it is possible that you will be placed into your desired year, however we advise all clients to base their decision, on being accepted 1 year below what they are applying for. That being said, we have had clients who have successfully transfered into the 3rd year. In Romania you can apply for a transfer up to the 4th year. 4th year transfers would usually be coming from a university where they completed 4 years of study or more. It is also possible for someone who completed 3 years of study to get accepted into the 4th year of the Romanian program if the course structure at the previous university was closely matched to the Romanian program. Note, we have had clients with well prepared files, get placed into the 5th year for one of the universities we work with. Click the following link to read more about the Romanian Medical School Program.

Why do students transfer to Romania?

Many of the transfer applicants we work with transfer for one or more of the following reasons..

  • exclusion from their previous program
  • want to take advantage of the high recognition of the Romanian qualification
  • looking for more affordable options
  • unhappy with their previous study environment
  • have friends who transfered and have heard excellent reviews about Romania

Where do transfer students come from?

Transfer candidates come from China, Poland, Czech Rep. Caribbean schools, Ukraine, Russia, India, South Africa, Hungary etc.