Hotels in Cluj

3 Star Hotels ***

Continental Hotel
Address: Piata Teatrului 5 – 6
Tel: 372 658.800
Fax: 372 658.801

Everest Hotel
Address: Str. Uzinei 16-18
Tel: 265 251.104 – 251.124
Fax: 265 251.104 – 251.124

Helvetia Hotel
Address: Str. Borsos Tamas 13
Tel: 265 216.954
Fax: 265 215.099

Voiajor Hotel
Address: Str. Gheorghe Doja 143
Tel: 265 250.750
Fax: 265 250.710

2 Star Hotels **

Grand Hotel
Address: Piata Trandafirilor 42
Tel: 0265 160 711
Fax: 0265 130 289

Parc Hotel
Address: Str. Primariei 2
Tel: 265 264.270
Fax: 265 260.286

Tineretului Hotel

Real estate agents in Targu Mures

  • Estate agencies usually charge 50% commission of the first months rent. These are all established agencies that have English speaking staff. 
  • Try to ask for an English version of the contract. 
  • Remember that the contract must be signed for 1 year for your temporary residence permit. 
  • Usually landlords will charge 3 months rent as a deposit. 
  • Make sure your full name, as it appears in your passport, is on the rental agreement.
  • Apartments are most often fully furnished

Address: Piata Unirii, nr. 2, cod 540057
Tel: 0265-263062
Mobile: 0744523326

Adresa: Targu Mures, Bld. 1848, nr. …

Pay for the medical certificate – Targu Mures

There are two medical “adverintas” required; one for the faculty file and one for the file to be submitted to foreign affairs for the residence permit.

Go to the University Medical Centre located in the Cornisa neighborhood. It is possible for you to get both advertinta in one visit.

To get the ADEVERINTA for the police, students must prove that they paid the university tuition fees.

Take your receipt of tuition payment with you.

What to take

  • passport and copy of passport
  • proof of tuition payment

Caminul Studentesc numarul 1 in the Cornisa neighborhood
Strada Nicolae Grigorescu
Cost: 10 …

Go to CEC and pay visa fees

NOTE: This step is for NON-EU students only!

Go to the Casa De Economii y Concemnatiuni (CEC) to pay various fees for your temporary residence permit. These fees are paid annually and are less for for students from European Union countries. These fees must be paid and all receipts kept safely as they are required for the file you will submit to the foreign affairs department for your residence permit. Yes, bureaucracy can be a challenge, we know!  

What will you require before going to CEC

  • Current day exchange 0f 60 US$ into Romanian Lei with receipt for the

Targu Mures Student Registration Guide – A step by step guide by Medical Student Advisors


Targu Mures – General Information

Location: Central Romania
County: Mures
Size: 3.7 sq. miles (9.7 sq. kilometers)
Elevation: 710 – 790 ft. (222 – 247 meters)
Population: 149,543
First documented: 1322

Getting There

By Air

Wizz Air – (Flies from Luton in the UK to Cluj. Take a taxi from Cluj.)
Cimber Air –
Malev –
Tarom –

By Road:

Daily bus service available from: Bucuresti, Bicaz, Brasov, Campia Turzii, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Iasi, Lacu Rosu, Ludus, Oradea, Piatra Neamt, Reghin, Satu Mare, Sighisoara, Sinaia, Targu Neamt, Turda. Visit:

By car the suggested routes …

Open a Bank Account – Targu Mures

Students are advised to open a bank account to deposit their travelers checks and cash. One can receive and send International wire transfers from their bank account.

We recommend : BCR(Banca Comerciala Romana ) which is the biggest Romanian Bank with branches at the following addresses:

A) Adresa: Bulevardul 1848, Nr. 36, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 307 430 Fax (0265) 307 43
B) Adresa: Strada Gh. Doja, Nr. 193, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 206 060 Fax (0265) 206 061
C) Adresa: Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 180, Targu Mures, Judetul Mures
Telefon (0265) 257 014 Fax …

How to complete the UMF Targu Mures University registration process

The following steps must be followed in order to complete your file at the university and apply for the temporary residence permit for students.

Step 1: Announce your entry to Foreign Affairs

Do within the 3 days after arrival (Excluding weekends). Although this is not necessary for EU students, it is recommended that EU students also do this. Go to the department of foreign affairs according to the schedule mentioned below with a photocopy of your passport and announce your presence.

Address: Mihail Kogalniceanu Street
* This is the same place where you go to get the temporary residence permit …

Translation of Documents in Targu Mures

Translate the following documents in Romanian and have the translations certified.

  • Birth Certificate
  • High School diploma
  • Transfer students must also translate any university transcripts and supporting documents that will provide motivation for their advanced placement into the academic program.

Suggested fees (less than 10 Euro per page):
RON 25 – 30 per translation
RON 20 – 30 per legalization/certification

Here are the contact details of some translators. You will find many translation services in the city and are welcome to use the most convenient one.

Andrea Macarie
Address: Piata Garii nr. 5A/20
Telephone: 0265269546 Email:

Address:P-ta Trandafirilor, nr. …

Complete the visa extension process

Go again to the police for foreigners and submit the following documents:

  • Visa forms fully completed. You will get it from foreign affairs office that you visited in Step 1.
  • Photocopy of acceptance letter – only in the first year of study in Romania
  • Apartment contract for one year. Legalized at notary or Financial administration. Original and copy (Finance are located –Piata Avram Iancu)
  • Medical ADEVERINTA received from a Romanian doctor to prove that the student doesn’t have any contagious deseases.
  • Bank statement – in the balance- 2500 $-nonEU – except EU students and students born in Romania and no

Lease agreement with your landlord

International students usually stay in their own or shared apartments. Very rarely do first year students manage to get a place at the student hostel as this is reserved mainly for Romanian students and students who have been at the university for more than 1 year.

All international students should remember to sign a 1 year lease agreement with their landlords. This is required for your temporary residence permit. If you are sharing an apartment, make sure that the lease agreement has all names of the people living in the apartment on the contract.…

University Stamp

Go to the medical faculty and look for the secretary’s office.

What to take
translated and original birth certificate and high school diploma
1 color passport photograph
original acceptance letter
tax receipts
medical certificate

The secretary will give you a slip stamped by registration office and secretary, which you must get stamped at the bank to show that your university fees have been paid.

The bank will stamp the slip from the registrar after you pay your university fees. If you have paid your university fees prior to arrival to Cluj University, please ensure that you carry your proof of …

Pay tuition fee if not already paid and student tax

Students from countries outside the European Union must transfer the university tuition fees from their dollar accounts into the university bank account. In most cases non-EU students will have to do this before they arrive in Romania.

EU students pay 10 000 Lei or 2700 Euro per year.
Other International students pay $3600 per year.

When making payment via wire transfer please keep proof of wire transfer payment which you will get from your bank. Remember to bring this to you to Romania. Make 2 copies of it and we suggest uploading a scan to your MSA account for safe …