Pay for the medical certificate

You require two medical “adverinta”, one for the faculty file and one for your file to be submitted to foreign affairs for the residence permit.

You must go to USAMV Medical Centre (This is the university medical centre). It is possible for you to get both advertinta in one visit.

To get the ADEVERINTA for the police, students need to prove that they payed the university tuition fees.
Take your receipt of tuition payment with you.

What to take

  • passport and copy of passport
  • proof of tuition payment

USAMV Medical Centre
Motilor Street,number 74

Cost: 10 Lei (3 Euro. …

Go to CEC to pay for visa

Go to the Casa De Economii y Concemnatiuni (CEC) to pay various fees for your temporary residence permit. These fees are paid annually and are less for for students from European Union countries. These fees must be paid and all receipts kept safely as they are required for the file you will submit to the foreign affairs department for your residence permit. Yes, bureaucracy can be a pain, we know!

What will you require before going to CEC

  • Current day exchange 0f 60 US$ into Romanian Lei with receipt for the exchange.
  • Postal Tax (taxa extrajudiciara)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Copy of

Useful Addresses

Faculty of Medicine:
Address 3400 Cluj-Napoca, Str. Emil Isac No. 13, Romania
Tel. No. +40 64 195524/ 195516/ 197256 � extension 47
Fax No. +40 64 197257/ 196585
E-mail address

Translator SRL
Address: Str. Republicii, nr. 5
Telefon: 0264439277
Adresa Web:

Please try to negotiate the prices with translators and perhaps look around for other translators and compare prices.…

Real estate agents in Cluj

Estate agencies usually charge 50% commission of the first months rent. These are all established agencies that have English speaking staff.

  • Try to ask for an English version of the contract. 
  • Remember that the contract must be signed for 1year for your temporary residence permit. 
  • Usually landlords will charge 3 months rent as a deposit. 
  • Apartments are most often fully furnished 

Adresa: Str. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 17, ap 1
Telefoane: +40264-590677 ,+40722-689397, +40744-684458, +40721-290522 Fax: 0264-450609
Email: ,

Address: B-dul Eroilor Nr.16/1, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania, 400129 Telephone: +40264430477 Fax: +40264430477 E-mail:

WELT Imobiliare

Taxi companies in Cluj

Taxi prices are regulated in Romania and the fare will be indicated on the meter.

PrimDiesel Taxi
Telefon: (0264)947; (0264)43.33.33

Taxi Diesel
Telefon: (0264)953; 0722.64.22.51; 0744.93.08.72; (0264)59.77.32

Taxi Diesel Rapid
Telefon: (0264)946

Taxi National Expres
Telefon: (0264)949; (0264)59.57.52

Taxi Nova-Cluj
Telefon: (0264)949; (0264)644; 0745.151.00

Taxi Pritax
Telefon: (0264)942

Taxi Pro Rapid
Telefon: (0264)948; 0745.82.50.45; (0264)59.24.88; 0723.44.75.70

Taxi Terra-Fan
Telefon: (0264)944…

How to complete the Cluj University registration process

Announce your entry to Foreign Affairs

Do within the 3 days after arrival (Excluding weekends)- Although this is not necessary for EU students, it is recommended that EU students also do this. Go to the department of foreign affairs according to the schedule mentioned below with a photocopy of your passport and announce your presence.

Address: Piata Cipariu, Str. A. Muresanu nr. 16 (Str.Zrinyi)
* This is the same place where you go to get the temporary residence permit.

Department of Foreign Affairs
Opened on Monday to Friday
8.30 – 10.30 (EU Students)
10.30- 14.00 (International students)

For the residence

Cluj Student Registration Guide – A step by step guide by Medical Student Advisors


Students are advised to purchase a mobile phone and a sim card from a service provider like Orange or Vodafone. Also purchase around $12 additional credit as you will be making many calls finding out about apartments for rent. Budget for around €20-€30 in taxi fares during the first week, for looking for your apartment and completing the registration process.

Please invest in a headset for your mobile phone. Mobile phones emit radiation and should not be placed against your head or in direct contact with your body. Try to use an organic or leather pouch to store your …

Translation of Documents

The following documents must be translated into Romanian

  • Birth Certificate
  • High School diploma
  • Transfer students must also translate any university transcripts and supporting documents that will provide motivation for their advanced placement into the academic program.

Open a Bank Account

Students are advised to open a bank account to deposit their travelers checks and cash. One can receive and send International wire transfers from their bank account.

We recommend : BCR(Banca Comerciala Romana ) which is the biggest Romanian Bank with branches at the following addresses:
1)Calea Floresti, Nr. 157 – 159
2) Strada Nicolae Titulescu, Nr. 4, bl. 2B, Corp B3
3)Strada Bucegi, Nr. 13 – 15
4) Strada Aurel Vlaicu, Nr. 4, Bl. 5B
5) Strada Fantanele, Nr. 7
6) Strada 21 Decembrie, Nr. 16
7) Strada Pasteur, Nr. 56 – 60, Parter
8)Strada George Baritiu, Nr. 10 …

Countries who’s citizens must possess visa for entry into Romania

The list of the countries whose nationals must be in possession of visas when enter Romania

1. Afghanistan**
2. Albania
3. Algeria*
4. Angola
5. Armenia
6. Azerbaijan*
7. Bahrain
8. Bangladesh**
9. Belarus*
10. Belize
11. Benin
12. Bhutan
13. Bolivia
14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
15. Botswana
16. Burkina Faso
17. Burma/Myanmar
18. Burundi*
19. Cambodia*
20. Cameroon
21. Cape Verde
22. Central African Republic*
23. Chad*
24. China*
25. Colombia*
26. Congo
27. Côte d’Ivoire
28. Cuba*
29. Democratic Republic of the
30. Djijbouti
31. Dominica
32. Dominican Republic*
33. Ecuador
34. Egypt*
35. Equatorial Guinea*
36. …