Entrance exam for E.U member state applicants to Romanian Universities

E.U member state applicants can now benefit from reduced annual tuition fees at Romanian state universities. The reduction in fees comes with a small pre-requisite though!

Applicants wanting to take advantage of the reduced fee will have to pass an entrance exam taken at the university they have applied to, prior to registration.

In the 2007 academic year, Medical Student Advisors, assisted European Union clients during the examination session held late in September. Clients arrived to Romania and stayed for the 2-3 days, returning to their home countries after writing the exam.

All MSA clients managed to pass the fairly standard entrance exam based on grade 12 syllabus, with a choice of Biology, Physics or Chemistry for their exam subject. Clients were picked up at local airports by taxis arranged by MSA and transported to hotels were their accommodation was booked for 3 nights.

Some students came with curious parents who were treated to a small tour of the university cities. E.U member state applicants have the option of not writing the exam and paying the regular $3600 (USD) per annum fee. Those who pass the exam pay an annual fee of €1200.

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