European Medical University

Studying medicine in Europe for non-Europeans is an en richening experience that has become affordable and more attractive over the recent years. In particular attractive opportunities have opened up in the Eastern European block of countries, namely Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and recently Romania.

Romania however is starting to shine out amongst the Eastern European block of Medical Universities in Europe.

Some of the most important factors being

  • affordable tuition fees
  • accessible geographic location
  • accredited and recognised degrees
  • open to all applicants without entrance exams
  • 6 year program
  • high quality education and excellent academic standards
  • safe and student friendly living environment
  • good facilities at universities
  • many opportunities for clinical exposure at university run hospitals

Are you looking for an affordable option to study medicine at an accredited medical school? Perhaps Romania is an ideal location for your to consider. Medical Student Advisors works with international clients who are looking for European Medical University study abroad opportunities and have successfully administered applications for students since 2001 in Romania.

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    Ghulam Jilany Khan

    are there some universities who offer PhD in Pharmacology/Pharmacy/Clinical Pharmacy in Romania?
    if yes then please guide me for the admission

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      Hi Jilany,

      What we’d help with is getting you into an intensive Romanian language program that would prepare you to write the Romanian language proficiency test. Most of the post medical graduate programs require Romanian language because a large portion of the work is done in residency. Romanian language is a must for communication with patients. Much of the course reading material will be in English and most of the professors in charge will be able to communicate in English.

      After you have passed the Romanian language proficiency exam, we would apply for a letter of acceptance for you from the Ministry of Education. While you are in Romania for the language course (which will be in a city you intend to study in) you would be able to communicate directly with the professors in charge of the program you’re interested in and see what the entrance competition is like (they only accept a certain number of candidates for a program).

      Once all of this has been resovled, we’d help submit your application to the Romanian Ministry of Education for the acceptance letter.

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    are there any universities offering scholarship for postgraduate programs in dental surgery? if yes please let me know their names.