Iasi Medical University - GT Popa, Iasi

Iasi Medical University - GT Popa, Iasi

Gr. T. Popa Quicky

  • English, French and Romanian medical programs
  • Application competition is moderate.
  • No entrance exam, but high school results and extra curricular activities are evaluated when there are more applications than seats.
  • Strong international vibe with a diverse group of students from all over the world.
  • Founded on 30 September 1879.
  • UMF Gr. T.Popa from Iasi includes Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.
  • Well equiped laboratories meeting international standards.
  • 7 Student dormitories (Romanian students get preference).
  • Located in a fairly large, beautiful city with many hospitals for clinical experience.

Our Perspective of Iasi Medical University

We thouroughly enjoyed our first visit in 2006 to Iasi Medical University, as it's commonly referred to. The International Relations department gave us a warm welcome and showed us around the campus. The building architecture took our breath away. Members of our team have been visiting every year since and we've noticed a steady increase in international medical students to UMF GR. T Popa. There's French and English language programs, with students coming from all over western Europe and the rest of the world to study here. Apply early! Since 2010 there were more applications than seats available.

UMF G.T Popa maintains good relationships with several hospitals in the city of Iasi,  giving students ample opportunity for clinical experience. Serious clinical work usually begins in 4th year, however students from 1st year can offer to volunteer at hospitals and gain more exposure to working with patients.

Study Environment - What's the Student Life and City like?

Iasi Medical University - GT Popa, Iasi

Iasi is one awesome city. Iasi is the 3rd largest city from Romania and it's one of the most beautifual and vibrant cities we work in. Iasi is on the north eastern border of Romania, close to Moldova and the buzz here is addictive. Ski slopes nearby, theatre, museums, bars and clubs this is one city where something is always happening. Yet, it does not have the disadvantages one would usually find in a big city. This is one of our favourite study destinations in Romania.

Here's a more indepth guide we put together about Iasi: http://medstudentadvisors.com/iasi-city-guide.htm


The tuition fee is 5000 EURO/academic year for undergraduate studies for EU and NON EU students

Medical Programs at Iasi Medical University

Undergraduate programs:

  • Doctor of Medicine
    Available in English, French and Romanian
    Also known as Medical Doctor
    6 years in duration
  • The Faculty of Dental Medicine
    Available in English, French and Romanian
    6 years in duration
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy
    Available in English and Romanian                                                                                                                             5 years in duration
  • The Faculty of Medical Bioengineering
    Available in Romanian only

Postgraduate Education

  • Residency
  • Refresher Courses
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Please contact us for more information about post-graduate programs. Romanian language is a pre-requisite and there are a other details we have to evaluate for medical specialization program applications.


  • Who may apply?
    Anyone from any country, we had many clinets who were 16-17 years old and our oldest client was 61 years old,with a high school degree. Science subjects get preference, although early applicants with fair results and no science subjects can also get accepted.
  • What chances do I have of getting accepted?
    Apply early and you have a fairly good chance with moderate high school results. The later you apply in the admission cycle, the better your results have to be.
  • What documents do I need to apply?
    The requirements change every year. The preparation of your application file to the T is critical. Please create an account for yourself on our site to receive the latest update on documents required for application to GT Popa in Iasi.
  • What are the fees?
    Presently UMF GT Popa charge €5000 per anum for undergraduate studies (and €7000 for post graduate programs)

Would you like to apply to UMF Gr. T. Popa? We'd love to help give you the best chance of getting accepted by evaluating your results and then helping you prepare a perfect application file. Create a free profile on our website for an informal evaluation. If your application looks good use or paid service to give your file the best chance of getting accepted.

Other Pronounciations of GT Popa Iasi

  • Lasi University
  • Yash University
  • Yashi University

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