The City of Iasi and surroundings

Iaşi (pronounced eeyash) is located in the North Eastern Part of Romania in the Moldova region and is a thriving university city. Students from all around Romania go to Iaşi for higher education. Iaşi is considered one of the most important cultural and economic centres of the area and was, before Bucharest, Romania’s cultural and economic capital.

The first university of Romania, Al. I. Cuza, was founded in Iasi in 1860 and now has 15 faculties. The name of Iaşi city is bound up with the so- called “golden period” of the Romanian culture. Many Romanian personalities lived, studied, worked and created in Iaşi. The city is well known as a major cultural city.

The City of Iaşi and it’s surrounding regions are famous for the the monasteries and orthodox churches, which attract many tourists and pilgrims each year. Iaşi has many well established theaters, restaurants, cinemas and malls, making popular amongst students. Being a university city Iaşi, promises a vibrant social and nightlife for students as well as many outdoor activities. There are health resorts and thermal spas close by and in winter one may try out skiing at a ski resort, the closest one being 90min by train.

We love the international vibe of Iasi, due mostly to the large influx of students from around the world. The multi-cultural contribution of international medical students brings a whole new dimension to the city with an average of 4000 non-Romanian students registered at the faculties at any given time. A large number of the international students at the University of Iasi are medical students registered at Iasi Medical University.