MSA Romanian Regional Manager, Cristina goes to South Africa for training

The South African Medical Student Advisors office was recently blessed with a visit from Cristina Todoran, MSA’s Romanian Regional Manager. MSA CEO Santhan, was also in South Africa during Cristina’s visit.

Cristina at the Flamingo sanctuary. 
During her visit, Cristina received important training on team management on how to manage logistics upon arrival of large groups of students to Romania, whom usually come to study medicine. The arrival of international students in large numbers has always been a challenge. There are factors like temporary accommodation, transport, food, visa extensions, registrations, handling the odd emergencies and the most challenging being emotional, psychological and cultural matters. Over the years of handling this process MSA has developed a system that allows us to overcome these  challenges effectively and ensure the wellbeing of our clients. Of course, we’re still learning and constantly re-evaluating our approach.

Cristina at Crocodile Farm. 
Cristina also had an opportunity to visit different parts of the country and visit the South Africa’s most amazing beaches.

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