Frequently Asked Questions by International Medical Students

What is the medical qualification received in Romania? MD or MBBS or MBChB? What do all these different titles mean?


In Romania the qualification is MD or Docotor de Medicina. This is the same title given to graduates of western medical schools. Tecnically speaking, only those with the MD qualification have the right to prefix their names with the title of Dr. MD graduates write a thesis at the end of the studies and the award of the title is given only if the thesis is approved.

MBBS signifies...

Hi,I know this is a really horrible topic, but how can I be sure that this is a legitimate company providing a legitimate service and its not just a scam? Is there any way of finding this out? I can't seem to find much info on google and all testimonials are on your websites.It just sounds too good to be true... Kind Regards xxx


Thank you for being so straight forward and asking this important question. Lets see if we can address your concerns...

Med Student Advisors belongs to the Khanyi group of companies and trades under the name of Med Student Advisors. Khanyi Media is a registered corporation in the state of Delaware (File #3839662). Med Student Advisors has been in business since 2001 and we have...

How much does it cost a foreign student to live in Romania? How much can I expect my monthly expenses to add up to?


On average, an international student can budget between €350 - 500 per month for all living expenses, including rent, food, transport and spending. We advise our clients to budget for €500 per month and save anything that remains. It's far better to have a surplus at the end of the month.

Make sure your funding source is solid before going overseas to study. At the same time, even if...

What are the entrance requirements Romanian Medical Universities? Are there entrance exams for? How do I get accepted?


This depends on which university you're applying to. In the past only Bucharest Medical University Carol Davilla had an entrance exam. Now with the surge in the number of applicants to Romanian Medical Schools, most of the universities have some form of evaluation criteria in the event of there being more applications to the medical faculty than there are seats available. Cluj Medical...

Are the qualifications received at Romanian Medical Schools internationally recognised? Will I be able to practice in my home country or in the US/Canada/UK?


The universities we work with in Romania are all registered with the Ministries of Health and Education in Romania. They are listed on the WHO directory of international medical schools and are on the ECFMG/FAIMER database ( ). Romania has the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in...

What would be the advantage of applying via MSA to a Romanian Medical School? What happens if I apply on my own?


Ha! Glad you asked :) Here's a quick summary...

  • we physically handle your application. You send the documents to us and we submit them for you.
  • we carefully prepare your application to precisely meet all requirements
  • we have been working in Romania since 2001 and have an indepth knowledge of the system
  • we saved 100s of students from...

What are the student visa requirements for Romania?


Citizens arriving from the EU countries, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), as well as from Canada, Croatia, Japan, Moldavia, South Korea, Switzerland, USA and Yugoslavia are exempt from visa requirements. As a student coming from one of these countries, you can enter the Romanian territory only with a simple customs stamp and you can reside here for up to 90 days...

Are there part-time jobs available in Romania for foreign students?


Foreign students may find part-time jobs somewhat challenging to come by. However Romania has good Internet connectivity and one may use the Internet to look for online jobs as a part time alternate source of income.

Please make sure that you do not come to Romania with expectations of financing your study expanses by working part time. Although not impossible, it may be challenging for...

Will there be an increase in tuition fees or will it remain the same for the 6 years of study?


The fees at all state funded Romanian medical universities was $3600 USD in 2001 when we first started marketing Romania. After 2007 and Romania's EU membership status, the fees have increased. Now medical university fees in Romania are between €3200 and €6000 per annum.

The university fees have remained the same since 2008. That's ten years that the tuition fees have remain...

I am a student from the U.K/European Union Member country. Will I require a visa to gain entry into Romania?


Since Romania's ascension into the E.U. UK and all other E.U. member country passport holders are no longer required to apply for a student visa and are allowed entry into Romania without a visa.

However, students are requested to contact their Romanian embassy or consulate to find out about any changes and confirm the procedure for their country. E.U member state students have to...


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