Sofia Medical University

Sofia Medical University Quickie

  • Most international campus in Bulgaria.
  • High competition.
  • Application evaluations based on high school results and other relevant extracurricular activities
  • Founded in 1917, with the medical faculty becoming its own entity after WWII.
  • Located in Bulgaria’s capital, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Balkans
  • Student friendly city with a strong presence of international long term residents

Our Perspective of MUS

For international students applying to any of the universities in Bulgaria, there is a significant level of academic independence required from students who want to return to their home countries to practice. We have …

Plovdiv Medical University

  • Faculty of Medicine:
    General Medicine in English
    6 year program: 2 years of pre-clinical study, 3 years of clinical study, and one year of state clinical practice/internship
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine:
    Dentistry  in English,  6 year program

As with all Bulgarian universities, application to the medical program requires in-person delivery of the application file. Our international student network has a team of Expert Advisors standing by to help get your completed and reviewed application delivered in-person.…

MU Pleven – The Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria

The Medical University of Pleven was started in 1974 and also contains 2044 students currently, with the professors including 60 to 300 teachers and assistant teachers. The institution’s library was established in 1974 as well as boasts an outstanding collection of clinical texts in English and also Bulgarian. Pleven is highly considered among the very best medical establishments among the six clinical colleges in Bulgaria for medicine.

Pleven is the 7th most populous city in Bulgaria with 106,000 occupants. Bulgaria is considered as a solid industrial economic climate and also Pleven is just one of the significant financial centres of …

Craiova Medical University

Craiova Medical University Quickie

  • Separate faculties for Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing
  • English language section available only for 6 yr MD program
  • Newest English language section in Romania.
  • One of the largest faculties in Romania
  • Most recent on the scene to offer an English language program to international students
  • Moderate competition because the English section it was opened in 2012

Our Perspective on Craiova Medical University

Being one of four universities in Romania with a faculty of Nursing and Midwives, Craiova Medical University is one of Romania’s largest universities with the most number of students. The university being well established, …

Bucharest Medical University

Carol Davila Medical University Quicky

  • Largest and possibly most prestigious medical school in Romania and strong in tradition
  • Affiliated with over 20 hospitals in the Bucharest metropolitan area for clinical practice
  • English language written and oral exam for new applicants
  • English and Romanian language programs
  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing and Midwifery. Medicine and Dentistry in English. Pharmacy available in French too.

Our Perspective of Carol Davila Medical University

Definitely one of Romania’s oldest and most prestigious medical schools, once having a Nobel Laureate as one of the leaders of the university. From our brief visit to the university, we can …

Targu Mures University

Targu Mures Medical School Quickie

  • 150 seats for E.U and non E.U applicants in Medicine
  • English language programs for Medicine only
  • High competition. Best to apply as early as possible.
  • Progressive leadership team intent on growing the English section of the Medical Faculty
  • The university has Pharmacy and Dentistry faculties
  • Vibrant small student city environment
  • Dentistry in English

Our Perspective of Targu Mures Medical University

Lead by a team of faculty members intent on bringing Targu Mures to the forefront of Romanian education, this medical university usually has all it’s seats accounted for by July. The medical university of Targu …

Vasile Goldis University, Arad

Vasile Goldis University Quickie

  • Degree recognized throughout EU member states and by the GMC of the United Kingdom
  • Moderate application competition
  • English, French and Romanian programs
  • There is a strong international student community
  • Updated modern facilities
  • Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy programs available
  • Medicine and Dentistry in English

Our Perspective of Vasile Goldis University

Arad Medical University as it’s commonly known, is truly a well administered institute. The university benefits from being privately funded and fully autonomous. It is a private university, however the medical degree from Romania awarded is the very same degree awarded by all the other institutes, issued …

Constanta-Ovidius Medical University of Constanta

Medical University of Constanta Quickie

  • Moderate competition. Good chance of being accepted for early applications.
  • Separate Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy faculties
  • English and Romanian language programs
  • Modern facilities
  • Located right next to the Black Sea!

Our Perspective of Ovidius Medical School

If you’re a lover of the ocean, then this one’s for you! Ovidius Medical School, which is actually a faculty of Ovidius University, is located in the bustling  city of Constanta. This is a modern faculty with a strong leadership team intent on making the faculty as hospitable and accommodating to international students. For this reasonm more students are …

Cluj Medical University – Iuliu Hatieganu

Iuliu Hatieganu University Quickie

  • Most international campus in Romania.
  • Very high competition.
  • Application evaluations based on high school results and other relevant extracurricular activities
  • English, French, and Romanian programs.
  • Founded in 1872.
  • Located in large city with international airport. Direct flights from Europe.
  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and  Veterinary  Science programs available.

Our Perspective of Iuliu Hatieganu

Definitely one of the most popular universities in Romania. Cluj Medical University, as it’s often called, is not just a leader in Romania, but in the world. Management and leadership at the university have our thumbs up! Apparently faculty members have a very down-to-earth attitude …

Timisoara Medical University – Victor Babes

Victor Babes Medical University Quicky

  • Progressive management and leadership
  • Fairly high competition with a good chance of being accepted for early applications
  • English and French language programs
  • Beautiful city with several modern hospitals for clinicals
  • 100 (85 for EU applicants + 15 for NON EU applicants) seats for medicine in English and 40 for French (10 for EU applicants + 30 for NON EU applicants)
  • Dentistry in English (10 seats for EU candidates + 30 seats for NON EU candidates)
  • Pharmacy in French (5 seats for EU candidates + 55 seats for NON EU candidates)
  • Strong international student community
  • Vast

Iasi Medical University – GT Popa, Iasi

Gr. T. Popa Quicky

  • English, French and Romanian medical programs
  • Application competition is moderate.
  • No entrance exam, but high school results and extra curricular activities are evaluated when there are more applications than seats.
  • Strong international vibe with a diverse group of students from all over the world.
  • Founded on 30 September 1879.
  • UMF Gr. T.Popa from Iasi includes Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.
  • Well equiped laboratories meeting international standards.
  • 7 Student dormitories (Romanian students get preference).
  • Located in a fairly large, beautiful city with many hospitals for clinical experience.

Our Perspective of Iasi Medical University

We thouroughly enjoyed our first …

Oradea University Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

About Oradea University

Oradea University is a state owned medical university, located in Oradea, Romania in Eastern Europe, and offers internationally recognized qualifications in Medicine. The multi-cultural environment provides students with many opportunities to interact with learners from around the world.

The Medicine and Pharmacy faculty offers adequate spaces for study providing:

  • 5 lecture halls
  • 18 laboratories, an own library with reference departments,
  • 580 places for pre-clinical practice and all the facilities offered by modern endowment and furnishings.

Since being established in 1991 the University has seen a number of young students enter the establishment, armed with merely an enquiring …